Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fall essentials: The plaid blanket scarf

      If I had to choose a 'TOP TREND' accessory of this season, this would be the 'Plaid blanket scarf'. You can find them everywhere, form the pages of Vogue to any store in town. They are easy to combine, you probably have already one at home and they can become your best friend in one of those cold and windy days. 

              I usually wear them form the beginning of the cold days till it's officially spring. The reason is that I always get a bunch of colds and throat problems. In the pictures of today's post you can see some of the combinations that I did with Maggie for EmTwo.

         As I couldn't decide which one was my favorite one, I decided to put them all on! At the end it was even a little bit to warm! f you're looking for a new one, I recommend you to check Zara's fall collection, you can also find them at any other brand and of course, but I really like those ones.  If you like the ones from this post check out EmTwos page for more!

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